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Poultry Ethiopia

Poultry Ethiopia has been setting up new businesses in Ethiopia for more than 10 years. Ethiopia offers great growth potential for the bio-industry. Sharing knowledge is in our nature and by setting up more new business, Ethiopia will continue to develop. We encourage entrepreneurs to work as poultry farmers in this beautiful country. You don’t have to do it alone, we are more than happy to share our knowledge!


The local population is growing with us. With 120,000 laying hens and a production of 90,000 eggs per day, we facilitate part of the food supply in Ethiopia.


We provide chickens to local households, so that these households can earn money for their livelihoods. By providing the right advice and monitoring, Poultry Ethiopia teaches them how to handle their chickens and eggs responsibly.


We transfer our knowledge on hygiene. This ensures that people and animals stay healthy, by keeping pathogens at bay. By doing so, we are raising living standards in Ethiopia.

Work and education

We create jobs and provide training for the local population. We already have some 60 local residents working on our projects.

Why Poultry Ethiopia

As an entrepreneur, do you have a great idea in a bio-industry area such as poultry farming, but miss the know-how of Ethiopia? As a financial or knowledge partner, Poultry Ethiopia will do business alongside you! We’ll build your business together. With the right guidance and advice, we work together to ensure a successful business venture.

With more than 10 years of experience in setting up poultry farms in Ethiopia, we know what we are talking about. We are excited by new ideas and are happy to share our knowledge with other entrepreneurs. Are you getting excited? Then let’s sit down and build a successful business.

Why do business in Ethiopia?

  • Attractive revenue model in emerging Ethiopia.
  • Lots of room for entrepreneurship in the bio-industry.
  • Create employment for the local population.
  • Make high quality food and education available for the local residents.

What we do

Business coaching

Have you built up your business in Ethiopia or do you want to build a business, but are just missing the knowledge needed to grow further? Poultry Ethiopia provides you with advice, in an informal manner. We look closely at the (turnover) figures, we look at your sales market and identify your growth opportunities.

Advice on sustainability

Do you want advice in the field of sustainability? The energy we generate in our bio-farm is completely sustainable. We have a windmill and solar panels. A great example about which we would be happy to advise you. In this way, as an entrepreneur, you are self-sufficient and can steer the course that you want.

Monitoring production

The local population is growing with us. We build wells and provide households with chickens. We monitor production per household and inform them about disease control, vaccination policy and optimisations.