Become an entrepreneur in Ethiopia

Poultry Ethiopia encourages entrepreneurs to work as poultry farmers in beautiful Ethiopia. Setting up more new business ensures that Ethiopia will continue to develop. As a financial or knowledge partner, you don’t have to do it alone – Poultry Ethiopia will do business alongside you!

We have set up two beautiful poultry farms in Ethiopia. Through education, employment and food, we provide the local population with structural assistance. In this way, Ethiopia is less dependent on foreign parties and is able to develop further. Poultry Ethiopia invests in good entrepreneurship with a view to tomorrow.

  • Lots of room for entrepreneurship in the bio industry
  • Create high quality food
  • Create work and education for the local residents

Debre Zeit

90,000 eggs per day with 60 motivated employees. Poultry Ethiopia invests in people and animals.

Debre Berhan

At this local chicken farm, Dutch entrepreneurs ensure that the local population has eggs and meat.