Working in Ethiopia

Various jobs at our poultry farms

Are you looking for a job or an interesting internship in the bio-industry abroad? Poultry Ethiopia offers you this opportunity! With our experience and knowledge in the new business in Ethiopia, we will teach you the tricks of the trade in a concrete way. This knowledge only really gets through to you when you experience it. Poultry Ethiopia therefore offers you a practical job or internship under professional supervision.

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Are you coming to Ethiopia to get the most out of your job or internship at a poultry or livestock farm? This is a big and exciting step that Poultry Ethiopia would like to help you with. For example, we can provide you with a place to stay and pick you up from the airport. In your job or internship, we will offer you many opportunities to learn. Such as support in management cases, city tours and visiting customers and residents. With all the opportunities, we will make your job or internship an unforgettable time!


“It’s good for your development to take a look at a less developed country. I was housed in a beautiful house and picked up from the airport. Then I did an open internship in which I wanted to apply different optimisations. This didn’t always happen by itself, because people think in a different way. For your personal development it is very good to think about things like employment and keeping poultry in a different climate. You don’t learn that kind of thing in the Netherlands.”

-Thom Stelwagen

“I would recommend  everyone to go to Ethiopia once in their lifetime. The people, the opportunities on the market and the different way of thinking: it changes your view of the world. The facilities were good in the Holland House and the school helped with making contacts and arranging a visa. Chicken management in Ethiopia is very different, so you have to adapt your own way of working to it. However, you also have to try to achieve new things. Poultry Ethiopia broadens your world view and teaches you to appreciate the facilities in the Netherlands even more.”

-Rinie de Koning

“Don’t expect high-tech poultry farming, but an educative view of the world. A third-world country brings with it different challenges. For example, efficiency and employment do not always go hand in hand, but it is nice to see that there are opportunities in Ethiopia for poultry farming. The facilities were good. For example, we had lunch at Bert’s and slept in a hotel at night.”

-Dirko Bos

“Ethiopia is a large emerging country in which Dutch investors can play a major role. During my internship I looked at the financial and political aspects, but I also looked at animal health and personnel management. What is striking is that everything is different from the Netherlands, such as the currency and the climate, but also the personnel management. Employment is very important. And because it is so different than in the Netherlands, it is very instructive!”

-Suzan Hopster