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Local traders know where to find our eggs. About 90,000 eggs are currently laid per day, and about 60 local residents are employed. This didn’t come out of nowhere. Entrepreneurship plays a major role in this. Being an entrepreneur in Ethiopia is different from being an entrepreneur in the Netherlands. Chickens can’t forage outside, because of the heat. And providing leadership to an Ethiopian requires different qualities. Our motto is: think in terms of opportunities!

State of the art hatchery

From 2021, initial preparations have started to build a state-of-the-art chick hatchery in Ethiopia. Now the time has come. The hatchery was inaugurated by the end of 2022 and is functioning satisfactorily. The hatching rate and quality of chicks are excellent. The hatchery has a large base capacity and is equipped for future growth. The hatchery is partly used for the continuity of the laying hen farm in Debre Holland. However, most of the capacity is available for the free market in Ethiopia. The high-tech hatchery is thus a reality in Ethiopia. This fulfils a long-cherished wish. We are doing this for a new and independent generation of Ethiopian poultry farmers. Powered by Ethiopian due Het Anker bv, Hendrix Genetics, Hardeman EGG Group.

Our team

Bert Bout

General manager Maranatha Farm

Farm focusing on the operational part of the operations, from 2015 to 2020 worked for Ethiopia Poultry, during this period started with Debre Holland and built the feed factory, after this I worked for 2 years as a poultry specialist at AgruniekRijnvallei in the Netherlands. Now I am responsible for managing the staff, feed factory and chickens. My drive is to create a good working atmosphere for the staff of both locations and meanwhile also improve the technical results of the chickens. Every staff member we have at work means a family with income. As a family, we also think it is important to show the staff something of the love of Jesus.

Bas van Ravenhorst

General manager Ethiopia Poultry

Arend Hardeman


Feed Factory

Work has started on setting up the feed factory from 2020. The aim is to produce high-quality chicken feed using local raw materials and the knowledge and expertise from the Netherlands. The feed factory is already in operation by 2020. The feed is partly used for our own laying production in Debre Holland. We also offer it for in local markets and resellers. Our goal is to make good and healthy chicken feed to make the food chain in Ethiopia stronger. Ultimately, we do this for a new and independent generation of Ethiopian poultry farmers.

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Looking for a challenge?

Are you a passionate (bio)entrepreneur looking for a challenge overseas? Or are you looking for an instructive internship in the bio-industry? Send us a message, we’d love to provide you with some input!