Who are we?

Arend Hardeman


Bert Bout

General manager

Arnold de Wilde

General manager

Experience in knowledge

Poultry Ethiopia has been setting up new businesses in Ethiopia for more than 10 years. Why Ethiopia? Because Ethiopia offers great growth potential for the bio-industry. Sharing knowledge is in our nature and by setting up more new business, Ethiopia will continue to develop. That’s why we encourage entrepreneurs to work as poultry farmers in this beautiful country. You don’t have to do it alone, we are more than happy to share our knowledge.

What we do

Poultry Ethiopia has been supporting entrepreneurs in the bio-industry in Ethiopia for many years, in areas such as the production of fresh eggs and chicken meat. With 120,000 laying hens and a production of 90,000 eggs per day, we facilitate the food supply in Ethiopia. By providing advice and monitoring, we work towards a higher and more sustainable return under high production standards. We also keep in touch with the buyers of the products, in order to continuously work on a market for the products.

By supporting more new business, we are raising living standards in Ethiopia. Generating sustainable energy is also part of this. By installing your own windmill or solar panels, you as an entrepreneur become energy-independent. In this way, we work together towards a sustainable future.

Advantages for the residents

Our projects also offer advantages at the local level. We provide chickens to local households, so that these households can earn money for their livelihoods. By providing the right advice and monitoring, Poultry Ethiopia teaches households how to handle their chickens and eggs responsibly. This includes sharing knowledge about disease control, the right feed, drinking water and vaccination policy. In this way, the inhabitants get the highest return from their chickens.

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